Our Team

Our Team

Quality Veterinary Care in Livonia, MI

Livonia Veterinary Hospital is committed to partnering with you in providing the best and most up-to-date veterinary medical care for your pet. We understand the special role your pet has in your family and we respect your individual family needs. Our goal is to provide medical treatment from preventive wellness to
diagnostics and surgery, to urgent and emergency care. It is our goal to help your pets live a happy and healthy life. Since you are the key to your pet’s well-being, we love to educate pet owners with information and resources.

Your pets Our world

We welcome new patients to our care and look forward to those returning to our practice. We welcome suggestions. Contact us at (734) 422-0570 with questions or to make an appointment.

Meet Our Team


Dr. Janice Collins D.V.M.

My love for animals started early in life when my family rescued dogs like Arrow (shot by an arrow), Stubby (an amputee) and Barney, an orphaned Beagle raised by hand. My desire to help sick or injured pets also started in childhood when I would help my Dad in his veterinary office with weekend and evening emergencies. Pets would come in hit by a car or needing surgery and they would return home to the families who love them. A tender heart for animals, especially the injured or sick, is still what drives my passion for being a veterinarian today.

My dogs are Gunner (G-man), Lucy (LuLu) and Sneaky Pete (‘Neaky). Gunner is the largest but he frequently gets reprimanded by Sneaky Pete. After his confidence is in the dumps, a good game of tug brings it right back again as he reclaims the prize. LuLu likes to complain to the staff about her perception of the treat shortage at the clinic. She stares at the treat drawer and barks until she is rewarded with a yummy.

I like to read. I like being outside: skiing, riding my bike, walking the dogs, and being in water — swimming and scuba diving. Mostly, I like spending time with friends.

Dr. Mary “Molly” Lynch

I have worked for Dr. Jan since 2014. I started my pre-veterinary career in shelter medicine as an assistant in 2002. Feline medicine is my passion. I am a lifelong ailurophile, although I enjoy working with patients of other species as well. As an undergraduate, I studied anthropology at the University of Michigan. I spent 10 years after college working in the nonprofit sector before entering veterinary school at Michigan State. I was the cat nerd in my vet school class.

I currently belong to my beloved clowder of cats: Mr. Tissue Rose, a new adoptee (age 9); Tatiana (a sassy 8-year-old calico with an attitude); Bleu (10 years old and a retired blood donor, adopted after donations helped my longtime feline companion, Tashi, at the end of her life); Delilah (7-year-old retired genetics research Maine coon mix with spinal muscular atrophy, a terminal inherited disease); and Rosie Ruth (a shy Garden City Veterinary Hospital foster alumna, age 3, who chose me when I wasn’t looking for another cat). Due to my busy work schedule, my dad and I share custody of my two blind Cardigan corgi girls, Peas (age 7) and Tortellini (age 4).

My hobbies include swimming, woodland walks, music, and cat-focused veterinary continuing education.

Denise – Veterinary Assistant

Every office should have a person like Denise on staff. She is indispensable and loves, loves, loves pets! No matter what time of day or night a pet needs care, Denise is always the first to volunteer. She is a happily married newlywed and has one cat, Little Denise, who has her own bedroom and gets a birthday cake each year with her picture on it!