Assistant Office Manager, Food Quality Inspector, Paperweight
Ingrid has worked at Livonia Veterinary Hospital since 2008. She was previously employed at Kershaw Animal Hospital. She enjoys greeting patients and clients, inventorying and sampling products in the food storage room, managing her co-workers, and keeping chairs warm. Ingrid is 10 years old and a cancer survivor. Her hobbies and interests include food of all kinds and performing scientific studies on the force of gravity and its influence on objects on countertops. Her research has yet to be accepted for publication. She is perpetually in search of research funding in the form of food or objects to knock over.

Lisa T.

I have worked in the veterinary field for the last 12 years, the most recent 3 being spent here with Dr. Jan. I have 2 human babies, 4 feline babies, and 2 canine babies. When I’m not busy at work, I’m busy volunteering as the vice-president at my children’s school. I am always eager to lend a helping hand where needed and learn new things.

Dr. Christine Hadley

Dr. Christine Hadley was raised in Southwest Michigan. Growing up, she cared for a large variety of animals from frogs and toads, the family dog, to sheep and pigs for fair. Dr. Hadley has a B.S. in Animal Science from Michigan State University, and went on to graduate from MSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Hadley’s passion is bettering the lives of her patients and their people! In her spare time, Dr. Hadley enjoys being outdoors camping, hiking, or just walking in the park with her husband, Keith, and their dog, Bella, or just curling up on the couch with their cat, Jinx.

Dr. Mary “Molly” Lynch

I have worked for Dr. Jan since 2014. I started my pre-veterinary career in shelter medicine as an assistant in 2002.

Feline medicine is my passion. I am a lifelong ailurophile, although I enjoy working with patients of other species as well. As an undergraduate, I studied anthropology at the University of Michigan. I spent 10 years after college working in the nonprofit sector before entering veterinary school at Michigan State. I was the cat nerd in my vet school class. I served as Vice President and then President of the MSU Student Chapter of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, took additional specialty externship training in feline medicine, and received the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Outstanding Senior Student Award in Feline Medicine and Surgery.

I have been an enthusiastic AAFP member since graduation and plan my vacations around cat-related continuing education events. I currently belong to my beloved clowder of cats: Tatiana (sassy 7-year-old calico with an attitude); Lacey and Bleu (retired blood donors, ages 14 and 9, adopted after their donations helped my longtime feline companion, Tashi, at the end of her life); October (8-year-old ex-feral “foster failure,” from my shelter med days); Delilah (5-year-old retired genetics research Maine coon mix with spinal muscular atrophy, a terminal inherited disease); and Rosie Ruth (a shy Garden City Veterinary Hospital foster alumna, age 2, who chose me when I wasn’t looking for another cat). Due to my busy work schedule, my dad and I share custody of my two blind Cardigan corgi girls, Peas and Tortellini.

My hobbies include swimming, woodland walks, music, and cat-focused veterinary continuing education. I used to enjoy open water swimming events and triathlons back when I was in shape, and I hope to return to those pursuits this coming summer.

Dr. Janice Collins D.V.M.

My love for animals started early in life when my family rescued dogs like Arrow (shot by an arrow), Stubby (an amputee) and Barney, an orphaned Beagle raised by hand. My desire to help sick or injured pets also started in childhood when I would help my Dad in his veterinary office with weekend and evening emergencies. Pets would come in hit by a car or needing surgery and they would return home to the families who love them. A tender heart for animals, especially the injured or sick, is still what drives my passion for being a veterinarian today.

I am grateful for my three children: Alex, Spencer, and Ellie who make me laugh and inspire me. My newest puppy is Gunner. G-man was a rescue. He graduated from puppy class. He will be continuing his education next semester. Raisin was an abandoned parvovirus survivor who has found the good life on a pink chenille bed. Piper is our geriatric poodle. She keeps G-man and Raisin in their place, which apparently is at the bottom of the food chain. Jerry, our cat, is the first to get hugs and kisses when anyone comes home. He has a large fan club and has so many life adventures. We expect his book to be coming out soon.

I like to read. I like being outside: skiing out West, biking around Kensington, walking the dogs. My newest activity is a certification in scuba diving. I hope to go on a dive trip with my three kids soon.