Dr. Janice Collins D.V.M.

My love for animals started early in life when my family rescued dogs like Arrow (shot by an arrow), Stubby (an amputee) and Barney, an orphaned Beagle raised by hand. My desire to help sick or injured pets also started in childhood when I would help my Dad in his veterinary office with weekend and evening emergencies. Pets would come in hit by a car or needing surgery and they would return home to the families who love them. A tender heart for animals, especially the injured or sick, is still what drives my passion for being a veterinarian today.

I am grateful for my three children: Alex, Spencer, and Ellie who make me laugh and inspire me. My newest puppy is Gunner. G-man was a rescue. He graduated from puppy class. He will be continuing his education next semester. Raisin was an abandoned parvovirus survivor who has found the good life on a pink chenille bed. Piper is our geriatric poodle. She keeps G-man and Raisin in their place, which apparently is at the bottom of the food chain. Jerry, our cat, is the first to get hugs and kisses when anyone comes home. He has a large fan club and has so many life adventures. We expect his book to be coming out soon.

I like to read. I like being outside: skiing out West, biking around Kensington, walking the dogs. My newest activity is a certification in scuba diving. I hope to go on a dive trip with my three kids soon.